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Brane Minus R2 (GB)

$35.00 - $250.00 Coming Soon

Brane Minus is the little brother of the 12u Brane case sold on P3D.
It uses the same design language but supports our QAZ PCBs.
Both plates support split space and big bar layouts.

R2 includes case parts made of frosted acrylic, not aluminum like R1.

Included in each kit:
  • Top case
  • Bottom case
  • Integrated QAZ PCB
  • Thick white LDPE plate
  • White powder coated 5052 aluminum plate
  • 10x white gaskets

Thanks to Blind Panda for his fantastic work on Brane and Brane Minus!

  • Image of Brane Minus R2 (GB)
  • Image of Brane Minus R2 (GB)