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$30.00 - $199.99

Bully is a keyboard designed by phoenix and zhol. It combines low typing angle, a plateless build, and modest but dignified design sensibilities. Its 13.5u width layout is designed for maximum compatibility with base kits that are missing minimum 40% keyboard support (“3-key”). Bully has a 22.4mm EKH, 4.0 degree angle, and bezels measuring 8mm and 3mm.

Included in each kit:
* 1 PCB, equipped with an STM32F072-equivalent MCU loaded with QMK/VIAL
* 1 JST-SH, 50mm
* 1 C3 Unified Daughterboard
* 10x 50A durometer Geonworks Tadpoles
* 10x 70A durometer Geonworks Tadpoles
* Top case
* Bottom case
* 0 plates
* 1 plate file
In addition, PCB edge cuts are available in the Discord.

GB units were cerakoted by P3D.
Current stock is anodized.

Extra PCBs are PCB only.

Pictures of Anodization Samples

Bully Layout

"Case ONLY" items come with the full kit contents but without a PCB.

  • Image of Bully
  • Image of Bully
  • Image of Bully
  • Image of Bully
  • Image of Bully