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Kawa Keyboard Kit

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Kawa is a 32 key, "fixed split", ortholinear keyboard with an OLED option designed by Sofubi.

Kawa is meant to be built with a top mount ProMicro, an OLED, 32 MX switches, and a set of keycaps.

The thumb keys are 2u.

A Kawa kit will be shipped with the Kawa PCB, an OLED display, and 6 larger bumpons (this minimalistic keyboard does not require a case).

To build Kawa you will need a ProMicro.

The OLED displays offered by us do not require pull up resistors but in the case that you do purchase an OLED display from another vendor it is possible that yours may. If buying an OLED from another vendor first build the board and flash the firmware to test your OLED display. If the OLED works you will not need the resistors, if not you will need 2 x 4.7k Ohm resistors. See the build guide for more details.

Build guide and firmware: (Kawa coming soon)

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