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QAZ Keyboard PCB (PCB Only)

$15.00 - $33.00

The new standard in small keyboards.

Awarded 2020 most creative board of the year by the 40% keyboard community. Runner-up for board-of-the-year.

QAZ is a 35% staggered keyboard designed by tominabox1 and whydobearsxplod. To attain the traditional rectangular shape while minimizing the footprint, A,Z and P are placed on larger key sizes. QAZ is the first modern production board with a layout using this space-saving trick.

QAZ is a truly usable sub-40% especially for anyone most comfortable with traditional staggered keyboards. Several owners use the board daily for work. If you don’t already, QAZ will challenge you to make use of advanced QMK features and open up a world of possibilities for using small keyboards.

QAZ is also in the ZMK main repo for adventurous nice!nano users who want to make a bluetooth QAZ.

Both integrated and pro micro versions require switches, caps, and a case.
The pro micro version requires a pro micro.
Stabilizers are optional on both versions, but encouraged.

Pro micro version comes with diodes.

V2 QAZ is based on RP2040 and supports QMK and Vial.
Firmware for them is available here, with sources here.

Bottom Row Options:

Images by:
tominabox1 (featuring briefqaz case by dingusmcgee)
Steve Laroo (with dots and back of pcb)

Build guide can be found here:

An open source 3d printed case has been generously provided by Dingus McGee:

  • Image of QAZ Keyboard PCB (PCB Only)
  • Image of QAZ Keyboard PCB (PCB Only)
  • Image of QAZ Keyboard PCB (PCB Only)
  • Image of QAZ Keyboard PCB (PCB Only)
  • Image of QAZ Keyboard PCB (PCB Only)