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The QAZ-Fold is a bent galvanized steel QAZ case inspired by "The Ave" keyboard. The kit is compatible with the QAZ pcb but adds 2 switches, 2 toggles, and an RGB LED on a an angled bezel for a functional and very retro vibe.

The extra hardware is integrated into the keyboard through some easy hand-wiring. This makes the QAZ-Fold both a unique tiny keyboard, and a fun, easy, diy project.

They will be powder coated white. The case is very magnetic and has mounting holes in positions that match the QAZ pcb for DIY mods. Get creative!

Any orders for just the PCB will be cancelled.

The kit comes with two toggle switches, an RGB LED, LED holder, and the bent steel case. PCB addons are available.
You'll need some wire to build this board. Solid core at a thin gauge is recommended.

Here's a build guide!

In stock!

Case made in the US!

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  • Image of QAZ-Fold
  • Image of QAZ-Fold
  • Image of QAZ-Fold