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QAZ Keyboard Kit

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QAZ is a unique 30% staggered keyboard designed by tominabox1 and whydobearsxplod. To attain the traditional rectangular shape while minimizing the footprint, A,Z and P are placed on larger key sizes. QAZ is the first modern production board with a layout using this space-saving trick.

QAZ is a truly usable sub-40% especially for anyone most comfortable with traditional staggered keyboards. There are several group-buy participants who are now using the board daily for work. If you don’t already. QAZ will challenge you to make use of advanced QMK features and open up a world of possibilities for using small keyboards.

Includes QAZ pcb, fr4 switch plate, fr4 bottom plate, 50 diodes, 4x 10mm standoffs, 8x 5mm t6 screws, 4x 1mm washers, 4x bumpons .

Note, the screws in this kit use a t6 driver. If you do not have a t6 driver, we have a limited stock available for an additional $1.

You need: switches, caps, 6.25u or 2 & 2.25 stabilizers, pro micro or compatible alternative.

Bottom Row Options:

The QAZ is useable without any additional case, however 3d printable cases for QAZ are available as open-source files from members of the 40s keyboard discord and retail from

Images by:
tominabox1 (featuring briefqaz case by dingusmcgee)
Steve Laroo (with dots and back of pcb)

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  • Image of QAZ Keyboard Kit
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  • Image of QAZ Keyboard Kit
  • Image of QAZ Keyboard Kit