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Terrazzo Ortholinear (Group Buy)

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Terrazzo is a 40% pro micro keyboard kit with a fun LED module. It is offered in both staggered and ortholinear variations. A left hand macro column has 4 positions for switches or rotary encoders (up to 3 encoders can be used at a time). Extended layout options and multiple encoder support will require use of an Elite-C controller.

The Terrazzo case is constructed of layered acrylic. Offered in 2 translucent colors, a smokey black and and green glass.

This is designed so both the pro micro and LEDs can be socketed. The LED module is a single color, and can be swapped out for quick customization.
The keyboard is QMK compatible with custom firmware to drive unique animations (and a WPM counter) on the LED module. Due to the custom features, at this time QMK Configurator and VIA are not supported.

**Estimated shipping date is 6 weeks after completion of the group buy.**

Kit Includes:
Acrylic case with feet
Silver hardware
1 PCB (staggered or ortho)
1 LED module (red, green, yellow, blue, or white)
1 Rotary Encoder
1 Knurled Knob (black or silver)
SMD Diodes
Mill-max headers for Pro Micro and LEDs

Does Not Include:
Pro Micro/Elite-C

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  • Image of Terrazzo Ortholinear (Group Buy)
  • Image of Terrazzo Ortholinear (Group Buy)
  • Image of Terrazzo Ortholinear (Group Buy)
  • Image of Terrazzo Ortholinear (Group Buy)