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uwu30 (Preorder)

$60.00 - $349.00 Sold Out

This is a very adorable keyboard designed by dededecline and Liv specifically to make you say "uwu!"

It features a tadpole PCB mounting system for controlled and configurable flex, a seamless aluminum case in one of three beautiful colors, and is cerakoted by P3D for the best quality possible.

See the layout here! The KLE is also available here!

Each kit will come with:
uwu30 Top Case (WKL or HHKB)
uwu30 Bottom Case
uwu30 Weight (white aluminum)
uwu30 Solder PCB (uses nRF52840 on pink FR4)
battery (and cable) for wireless operation (USA Only)
6x 50A tadpoles
6x 70A tadpoles
POM plate
Thick polypropylene plate
Case hardware (screws & feet)

You can see prototype pictures and built renders at this link.

GB will run from April 17 to June 2.
There is special first week pricing: $299, after which GB price will be $345.

Fulfillment is expected for late Q3 or early Q4. (Late September-Mid October 2023 The closure of our cerakote firm of choice has delayed this until late November-early December)


  • Image of uwu30 (Preorder)
  • Image of uwu30 (Preorder)
  • Image of uwu30 (Preorder)
  • Image of uwu30 (Preorder)
  • Image of uwu30 (Preorder)